Bloxsafe is a visible deterrent to thieves, better protecting travellers from theft of information and valuables.

Does your organisation send employees overseas on business? While their personal safety is no doubt high on your agenda, what about the security of the company information they are carrying with them? Do you have a policy in place to keep them safe? If you don’t, you should. Information theft is costly, inconvenient and can be difficult to prove.

If you think this isn’t an issue for your organisation because your travellers don’t visit risky destinations, think again. Information theft is a very real threat in all countries and hotel rooms are among the easiest of targets. They are empty more often than they are occupied. It takes just minutes to clone your computer’s hard drive, add a trojan and seconds to copy your phone’s SIM card or steal your traveller’s identity.

90% of travellers use hotel safes, yet there isn’t a hotel safe in the world that can’t be accessed with a master key or code. Bloxsafe solves this problem. It is a unique security device that gives travellers sole access to the contents of their hotel safe.

  • Bloxsafe is a physical barrier AND a visible deterrent to thieves – the most effective combination for crime prevention.
  • Bloxsafe keeps corporate information and possessions safer.

  • Bloxsafe features an anti tamper mechanism to provides vital evidence should a crime be attempted.

  • Bloxsafe can eliminate the stress and inconvenience associated with theft

  • Bloxsafe is easy and quick to fit taking just seconds to secure your organisation’s sensitive information.

  • Bloxsafe weighs just a kilo and is no bigger than a telescopic umbrella, making it easy to travel with.